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Synergy Worldwide Singapore's V3 System

Synergy Worldwide Singapore's V3 System

Synergy Worldwide Singapore V3 System - Chlorophyll Plus, Mistica and ProArgi-9 Plus


Zamuri Bin Mohd Zain
Zamuri Bin Mohd Zain

Currently at the age of 70, my mother suffers from a stroke due to high blood pressure. Before taking the Synergy V3 System, she was unable to move the left side of her body.

Now, after taking ProArgi-9 Plus, Mistica, and Liquid Chlorophyll, her blood pressure has decreased from 178 to 157. And the best thing is that my mother can now raise both her left arm and left leg. She can also now do some light exercise while still lying on the bed.


Synergy Worldwide Singapore's V3 Products

The modern way of life makes it difficult to achieve optimal health. Environmental toxins, poor dietary habits, declining exercise rates and a hectic lifestyle all contribute to the rising rates of chronic disease.

Moreover, the human body is a complex system. It requires a complete nutritional program to stay strong and vibrant.

Build: Buiding a strong foundation is the most important step a person can take for long term health. This is achieved by Synergy's Chlorophyll Plus (formerly known as Liquid Chlorophyll).

Boost: It's been shown that the most important way to defend against free radical damage is to boost the body's system with antioxidants. This is achieved by Synergy's Mistica.

Circulate: Optimum heart performance and enhanced cardiovascular system is critically important for long-term wellness. This is achieved by Synergy's ProArgi-9 Plus.

Revolutionary V3 from Synergy Worldwide Singapore targets major health concerns by building a strong foundation for health, boosting the body's immune system with powerful antioxidants, and supporting the circulatory system for sustained long-term heart health.

The power of Synergy's V3 lies in the totality of the system. Synergy Worldwide Singapore's V3 products - Chlorophyll Plus (Build), Mistica (Boost), and ProArgi-9 Plus (Circulate) - work in combination to dramatically improve health in every part of your body.

Special Promotion

Vital 3 (V3) Pack (100cv)
(consists of 2 Chlorophyll Plus, 2 Mistica and 1 ProArgi-9 Plus)
Price: S$300.00

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