The Story of Essiac - by Maurine B. Cox


A most amazing story comes from a small town in Canada, about a nurse who discovered a beneficial treatment for cancer, which she names ESSIAC (Caisse spelled backwards). Miss Caisse states that she was naive enough to think she could accumulate enough proof so that her treatment would be acceptable to the Medical profession, believing, of course, that the Cancer organizations were really looking for a cure for this dreaded disease.

But the more proof she succeeded in producing, the more determined they were that it should not be made available to suffering humanity, so she went on helping and healing for years, without aid. They could not discredit her work, and she ran an open cancer clinic for eight years in Bracebridge, Ontario.

Doctors came from all parts of the world and were amazed at her success. She treated hundreds of patients during four days each weekend. The more successful she was, the more adamant the Cancer Groups became, but she never gave up hope that some day, somehow, her treatment would be made available to all who needed it.

Reasons Why She Was Not Put In Prison - by Rene M. Caisse, R.N.

The many reasons why I was not put in prison for running an open "Cancer Clinic" in Bracebridge, Ontario, for eight years were:

First: I achieved good results in animal research, under the observation of medical doctors. My treatments caused a regression of the malignant growth in the mice, and prolonged life.

Second: Because I achieved the same results on humans, always treating with the permission of medical men of good standing, and under their observation.

Third: Because I had clinical X-ray and pathological proof of results, after everything known to medical science had failed.

Fourth: Because fifty-five thousand (55,000) persons signed a petition to the Ontario Government Legislature in favor of my treatment for Cancer; three hundred and eighty-seven (387) patients, and many doctors signed this same petition, which was presented to a legislative committee of fifty-nine (59) members of Parliament. I lost out by only three (3) votes! I lost out because the doctors had assured the Legislature beforehand that they would appoint a "Cancer Commission" to hear my case, and to give my treatment a fair hearing, which proved to be a very unfair hearing, as you will see by this story.

Note: The Cancer Commission could not accuse me of NOT getting good results, because I had the living proof. They could not accuse me of exploiting the public, for I never made a charge for Essiac treatment, and many of the patients treated during the 1930's are still living.

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